DMX Console 1024 Controller For Stage Lighting DMX


DMX Console 1024 Controller For Stage Lighting DMX 512 DJ Controller Equipment International Standard 192/768/Pilot 2000 Console

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Pilot 2000 Console

* Voltage: 90-240V
* Pinhole: 3 pins
* Power: 5W
* Channel: 512 channels, 40 units, up to 36 channels per unit.
* Certifi Cates: CE & ROHS & UL and SAA
* Plug: European plug, US plug, AU plug, British plug
* Use Of Venues: stages, discos, disco, hotels, shops, family birthday party, good for DJs, etc.
* Long Life Of LEDs: more than 60,000 hours
* Warranty: 1 year
* Net weight: 3.15kg
* Gross weight: 4.1kg
* Size: 21×48.3x7cm
* Light box: 52x31x15cm

1024 Console

* DMX channel: 1024
* Scene Step: 600
* Scenes to run simultaneously: 10
* Graphics for each scene: 5
* Fixture: 96
* Graphics can be run at the same time the number: 10
* Fader scenes and dimming: Support
* Swop Pan/Tilt: Yes
* Reversed channel output: Yes
* Channel slope modification: Yes
* Scene and dimmer by slider: Yes
* Button controlled scene: Yes
* Product Size: 47.5x35x10CM
* Weight: 8.55KG

768 Console

* Power Supply: 5V power adapter
* Power: 10W
* Number of DMX512 channels that can be controlled :192/240/256/384/512/768/1024
* Controls the maximum number of scanners: 32
* The maximum control channel available for each scanner: 32
* Number of scenes that can be saved: 160
* Number of scenes that can be run simultaneously: 12
* Total number of steps in a multi-step scene: 120
* Scene time control: fade in, fade out, LTP slide
* The number of graphics that can be stored per scene: 5
* Pusher starts the scene and dims: support
* Press the button to execute the interlock scenario: support
* Graphics Builder: Generates dimming, XY, RGB graphics
* Number of graphics that can be run simultaneously: 5
* Channel type setting: support, used to call graphics
* Immediate black field: support
* Type:DMX Console 768
* Net weight: 3.25kg
* Gross weight: 3.6kg
* Pakage Size:54.5×15.5x31cm
* Light Console Size:48×21.6×8.3cm

192 Console

* built-in MIC head, and voice features
* Automatically trigger state, the TAP SYNC button or the SPEED potentiometer to determine automatically trigger time
* The four LED digital display
* show the first show CHANSES second place display SCENES
* Third, the four display BANKS
* three, four steps 0-255 or TIME
* BLACK OUT function can be used manually or MIDI remote control.
* CHASES programming and CHASES run function can be used manually or MIDI remote control
* output delay function, the FADE TIME potentiometer to adjust the delay time.
* DMX output polarity selection
* Use of premises: Stages, night clubs, Disco, Hotels, shops, family birthday party, Good for DJ
* Voltage: AC90–240V,50–60HZ
* Certificate:CE & ROHS & UL & SAA
* Programmable SCENES.
* 8 adjustable potentiometer to adjust the output size
* Product Size: 48.3X13.4X7CM
* Weight: 1.55KG

18 Console

* Power: Built-in battery
* Voltage: AC100-240V
* DMX Channel: 18(8*6) channel
* Work Time: 8-10 hours
* Product Size: 13.5×8.3×4.7 CM
* Product Weight: 0.45 KG
* Easy to carry

Sunny512 Console

* DMX512/1990 standard. 512 DMX control channels.
* The 2 way high light isolated high output port has anti 200D0 electrical impact capability. Independent plugged plate structure, easy to replace.
* It can control 32 16 channel computer lights.
* The large screen LCD with backlight displays the majority of various operations. 16 channel push rod, 1 speed control push rod.
* The 1600 step is to store the capacity of the lamp, and 48 to go through the program. Each program has a maximum of 100 steps. * The parameters of each step and gradient are set independently. * Optional music synchronization or manual speed control.
* Under the cooperation of the walking speed push rod, the time range of the program step can be from 0.03s – 180s48 directly to the computer light scene.
* It can run 4 lights and 48 scenes at the same time, and can operate 32 computers at the same time.
* The XY of different types of computer lamps is controlled by data wheels. 16Bit computer lamp XY control precision.
* 15 environment keys, quickly calling different scenes, walking lights, and running manually. The music triggering signal source can be obtained from audio line input or built-in voice pickup.
* It is easy to learn and use. The shutdown data is kept.
* Built in high performance green switching power supply, it has very low power harmonic distortion and extremely wide voltage adaption range, which is in line with power requirements all over the world.

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1024 Console, 18 Console, 192 Console, 240A Console, 384A Console, Pilot 2000 Console, Sunny512 Console


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